1. Honestly

From the recording Forever and a Day

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Written by: Jonathan David Goodwin


Here we are tonight
It’s been a while since I’ve seen your face
I wonder what I’d say

And would I tell the truth
That I’ve always been in love with you
What would you do

Would you kiss my face
Tell me that you’ve always felt this way
Felt the same

Would you turn away
Say goodbye and slowly walk away
But either way

Let me get this off my chest
‘Cause girl I must confess I love you

I would give all that I own
For just one night alone with you

I stand before you tonight
Anxiously waiting for your soft reply
When she sighs
And smiles back at me as the tears fall down upon her cheeks
Girl that’s all I need

Take me by the hand
Tell me I’m your man
Love me

‘Cause this world don’t mean a thing
If I can’t have you next to me
Yeah honestly

Honestly, I’ve never felt this way about anyone else
But you
Darlin’, it’s true
It’s always been you

Here we are tonight
Lying in our bed just you and I
You and I
Can I tell the truth
That I’ve always been in love with you
In love with you