1. Rocky Hill

From the recording Forever and a Day

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Written by: Jonathan David Goodwin


Do you remember when we met
Whisky, lines and cigarettes
We lived a love with no regret
Oh, that night I can’t forget

Taste of your kiss
I felt your breath
Your silhouette shone throw that white cotton dress
Girl, I must confess
You’re such a beautiful mess
Yeah, to me you’ll always be

Well, let’s drive on up to Rocky Hill
I’ve got a six pack and some time to kill
And we can stare down on the city lights tonight

Sing along with the radio to The Cats, The Clash and The Rolling Stones
And talk about forever you and I
Yeah, beneath that twilight sky

Here we are now six years in
We used to be the best of friends
Now it’s hard to realize
You can’t look me in the eyes

Your silence speaks so loud to me
And you don’t wear your wedding ring lately
But it’s for better or for worse
Is love a blessing or a curse
Well, it seems to curse me

Well, I drove on up to Rocky Hill
With a bottle and some little white pills
And I swear I wouldn’t live my life without you

But I woke there in the morning light
With a broken heart and bloodshot eyes
And I knew I had to face the cold, hard truth

Through those years my memories faded
And life has left me jaded
And I’ve found myself in places I’d rather not disclose
All the while I kept your memory close to my heart it’s true
But I wonder if you think about me the way I think about you
‘Cause I do, yeah
Still think about you

Well, I drove on up to Rocky Hill
With a six pack and some time to kill
And I stared down on the city lights tonight

Girl, I wondered what you’re doing now
I heard you found someone and you settled down
And I bet you make such a pretty little wife
And I wish I was the one you kissed goodnight
And I wondered if I ever cross your mind
‘Cause you still do, yeah
I still think about you